Gadgets To Travel With, According To Matt

Ed Steele June 23, 2006 Comments Off on Gadgets To Travel With, According To Matt

Imagine you quit your job, sell (almost) all your belongings, and use your savings to travel the world. Oh, and everywhere you go you shoot video of yourself dancing, and just happen to become the “Next Big Thing.” Sounds like everyone’s dream right? Matt, a 29-year-old deadbeat from Connecticut did just that and has one of the coolest videos I’ve ever seen on YouTube. For those of you who haven’t seen the video yet:

The big question that came to my mind was “what gadgets does this madman travel with?” The answer, swiped from Matt’s site is after the jump.

“For the main luggage I use an Osprey Transporter 90 backpack. I find it more manageable to have something with as much space as possible in one giant cavity and a minimum of side pockets. Inside the bag, everything breaks down into smaller bags that stack neatly inside:
* A vacuum-compressor bag for clean clothes
* Another for dirty/wet clothes
* A bag for sunscreen, water purification tablets, anti-bacterial soap, and stuff like that
* Toiletries
* Electronic junk (cords, chargers, cards, plug adaptors)
* Guidebooks and other reading material
* A CD case for DVDs and blank discs
* Gifts
* Hiking boots
My second bag is the carry-on. It stays with me almost all the time. I use the new Timbuk2 Outtawhack bag, which I have mixed feelings about, but overall it’s good. The best feature is it converts between backpack for walking around a city and shoulder bag for when I’m lugging the big one on my back. Inside the bag is:
* Passport
* Plane tickets
* Digital camera
* PSP with viewing stand
* Audiotech headphones
* Altoids
* Sleeping mask
* Pen
* Sudoku book
* Relevant guidebook
* Irrelevant book book
* Dell Inspiron laptop with wi-fi card, DVD/CD burner, and removable second battery
Altogether it weighs about 55 pounds (25kg).
Next to the passport, my laptop is the most essential object I carry. A lot of people think I’m crazy for bringing it and true backpackers scoff when I pull it out, but to me it’s indispensable. It provides entertainment, contact with the outside world, virtually limitless photo storage, and a place to vent.”

YouTube – Where the Hell is Matt?

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