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Ed Steele June 12, 2006 3

Nintendo DS Lite
The Nintendo DS Lite launched today! Whether you ventured out at midnight or you picked up your pre-order at a more reasonable hour, you surely realize now how much sleeker, sexier, smoother, and brighter the new DS Lite is. What a minute, you’re still on the fence about getting a DS Lite? I actually know what you mean, it was only last year that I imported a white Japanese DS. What’s so different about the new DS Lite? Oh, how about PLENTY?

What’s in the Box?

Included in the DS Lite Polar White box is the DS Lite with stylus, an extra stylus, Instruction Booklet, PictoChat Instructions, and a new AC adapter. (More on that later.)

What’s Good About It? For Starters, Much Slimmer!

Nintendo DS Lite

White Japanese DS On Bottom, New DS Lite On Top
Is it just me, or is the whole idea of naming the new DS “Lite” kinda backwards? When something is called “lite” it typically means it has less: lite beer, lite butter, or a lite version of software that does less than the full-featured version. The new Polar White DS system is anything but lite – it is smaller and slimmer than the original DS, but that’s where it stops being lite. For one thing the original DS had that funky top lid that never really looked right – the new DS has rounded corners on the edges, and has an almost “iPod-like” feel and finish. Speaking of the plastic, look how much whiter the DS Lite is compared to my white import DS. Here’s a comprehensive list of the top 13 changes & improvements the new DS has over the old one:

    Top 13 Changes & Improvements to the DS Lite

  • 13) The volume switch is now white to match the console.
  • 12) A form-fitted dummy cartridge is included to cover the GBA slot.
  • 11) The headphone jack is in the same spot, but it is rounded and better looking.
  • 10) The power switch has been relocated to the right side, is white, and is a slide style on/off switch.
  • 9) The stylus is larger and is now stored on the right side instead of the top.
  • 8) The left and right flipper buttons are recessed to form fit the corners, and now provide a tactile click when pressed.
  • 7) The power and recharge LEDs are now on the top right front corner.
  • 6) The Start and Select buttons are now underneath the ABXY buttons.
  • 5) The microphone is now on the center hinge in between the two screens.
  • 4) A thumb-stylus wrist strap isn’t included with the DS Lite (I never used that thing anyway). There is still a loop if you want to attach your own wrist strap.
  • 3) The original DS used a 5.2V 1.6W battery. The new DS battery is rated at 5.2V 2.3W.
  • 2) The AC adapter connection on the DS Lite has been redesigned, and uses a different connector that isn’t compatible with GBA or older DS power adapters. It is now called the “External Extension Connector.”
  • 1) The DS Lite has a brighter screen & 4 different screen brightness settings!

Note The New AC Connector (aka the “External Extention Connector”)

Nintendo DS Lite

DS Lite is on the bottom. Could the External Extention Connector be the rumored Wii connectivity port we’ve heard about?

Side By Side Comparison

Nintendo DS Lite

Notice the reflection off the surface of the DS Lite from the camera flash. The surface of the DS Lite looks and feels much like a new iPod video.

Blinded By DS Lite

Nintendo DS Lite

DS Lite on the left, DS white import on the right. The screen brightness on the DS Lite is absolutely insane. Gone forever is that funky screen distortion when you viewed the DS from a slight angle. I’ve loaded up my favorite games on my new DS and they look a trillion times improved.

GadgetMadness Verdict: DS Lite Is Dyno-Mite!

Nintendo DS Lite
THIS is the DS you were expecting Nintendo to release on November 11th, 2004, not that ugly bulky grey thing. The dual screens and cool touch interface was enough to make most of us forgive Nintendo for the looks of the original DS. The new DS Lite is now as sleek and sexy as a PSP or iPod, and has a brighter screen to boot. If you were on the fence about trading in your old DS, go get one soon before they’re hard to find. You won’t be sorry you did. Now if you’ll excuse me my Nintendog, “CylonPup” needs feeding and a walk.
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  1. oscar constantino October 18, 2007 at 2:47 pm -

    very informative

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    im getting one the end of this month but good info tho 🙂

  3. John O'Connell October 23, 2008 at 7:21 pm -

    Please,i would like you to send me the Picture of the Details part on the DSlite box,Like The barcode and partnumber Area,where the details are,i have an order for about 50Units,but i need to see something on the details area before i place order. can send the picture to my email.and i will appreciate the Uk version or us.