We Turned Three Today (That’s 21 In “Blog Years”)

Ed Steele May 15, 2006 Comments Off on We Turned Three Today (That’s 21 In “Blog Years”)

Hey now! GadgetMadness turned three today, and to celebrate we’re got a brand new look. We’re sitting pretty now, but never fear cause deep down we’re still the crazy little gadget dogs you’re grown to know and love. So what else is going on at GadgetMadness? Plenty! In case you’ve been wondering where we’ve been, on top of our new look we cleaned out all the spam and switched to “members only” mode for our commenting system. This means if you want to enjoy the benefits of having your website, comments, and opinion visible for all the world to see you’ll need to contact us for an exclusive invite. (If we think you’re worthy, we might even give you some invites to pass around, Gmail-style.)

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