U3 USB Smart Drive – Kingston Data Traveler 2GB

Ed Steele May 5, 2006 Comments Off on U3 USB Smart Drive – Kingston Data Traveler 2GB

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve been this excited about a new gadget. I’ve had USB drive madness the past week, and today picked up a Kingston 2GB U3 drive. There were plenty of other drives to choose from, but I hadn’t tried out the U3 software aspect of porable drives and wanted to check it out. One word comes to mind: IMPRESSIVE! My U3 drive came bundled with some trial software (yawn) but I immediately went to http://software.u3.com and loaded up my drive with Firefox for browsing, FileZilla for FTP, and Mozilla Thunderbird for email. The programs are .u3p files which are U3 versions of the software, and when installed to the U3 drive give you full versions that run directly from the smart drive. You can lock your U3 drive with a single password to prevent programs from running or access to data on the drive, and the U3 start menu sits in your system tray. There’s nothing like being able to securely carry your programs with you, and having access to them all from any computer with a USB port!
U3 Kingston Data Traveler 2GB

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