Camino 1.0 is Out

Ed Steele February 14, 2006 Comments Off on Camino 1.0 is Out

I’m still a fairly new mac user and a very happy one if I must say so but most of the time I’ve been using Safari for browsing the web. It was teh best of all I could find for my mac; I tried FireFox, n optimized PowerPC version, and Opera as well but none just seemed to click with me. Why? Many reasons some integration, others design and interface. In the end Safari was left. Well upon the release of Camino 1.0 today I became interested and downloaded it…my 5th browser…and gave it a go. All that I have to say is WOW!! Truly a superiour browser for the mac. Camino is an opensource browser built upon Mozilla’s Gecko Rendering and more. The design and layout is perfect in my view outdoing Apple’s Safari Browser. It integrates with OS X very well and is a perfect upgrade from Safari. I may sound rather stupid in the eyes of long time Mac users but for anyone out there using Safari or regular Firefox you must give this a go. It is fantastic.

Camino 1.0

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