Free Ubuntu Linux CD’s….Shipped Free Too

Ed Steele February 7, 2006 1

Recently in the Gadget Forum I posted on a link to a site shipping Ubuntu Linux CD’s to you all for free. Well after a two week waiting period I have finally received the CD’s and have to say I am quite satified. The following site only requires an account to order as many free CD’s as you want. The 3 options are Regular PC, 64-bit PC, and Mac versions of the Ubuntu operating system. Each version includes an installation CD and a Live CD which will let you demo it without risking any files on your hard drive. I chose the package that included all 3 flavors in hopes of putting it on my old PC and maybe my PowerBook. Now this program is perfectly legit hence one reason I am writing this. Canonical is the company distributing the CD’s. They are a company committed to the distribution and promotion of opensource software. Apparently they do this with Debian as well.
It cost them 5 Euros to ship this to me from what appears to be the Isle of man which is in the Irish sea. It was priority mail sent out on Febuary 3rd so there is/was a delay in the processing of orders. So if you have wanted to give Ubuntu a go but never had the time to properly download it or you just like getting stuff for free this is definitely something to look into.
Free Ubuntu Linux CD’s (shipped Free)

Canonical Ltd.

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  1. kokkada August 13, 2008 at 1:32 pm -

    Today, I place order to free UBuntu linux cd