Zanier Heat-GX…The Self Heating Gloves

Ed Steele January 30, 2006 Comments Off on Zanier Heat-GX…The Self Heating Gloves

Being the avid skier I am, the Zanier Heat-GX gloves are a godsend. Like so many other skiers I am often plagued by frozen fingertips when out on the slope and the expensive heat packs never help. This pair of gloves comes with a rechargeable 4 oz. lithium battery per glove that through three different settings heats your fingertips thus stimulating bloodflow thus making you happy. The three settings are 86º, 98.6º, and 131º with battery times of 10, 4.5, and 2 hours. The gloves are also Gore-Tex and like most gadgets….expensive. They will run you about $250.

Zanier Heat-GX

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