One step closer to the Universal Translator!

Ed Steele January 24, 2006 Comments Off on One step closer to the Universal Translator!

I put this under Japan Gadgets because once again Casio is boldly going where no one has gone before. They have made a portable gadget that translates between English, German, French, Chinese, Italian and Spanish. That’s six, count them, six languages! What? You scoff? You want more? How about the fact that it does all that and it will speak the translated words/phrases for you! Now if we could just get them to add Ferengi and Klingon to the available languages. Our friends at Gizmodo also picked up on this cool gadget. Read their snippet here or check out the link to the article. It will be a while before it’s available in the states but it will be on the market in Japan in mid February with a street price of about 400 bucks.

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