Make your first page with First Page!

Ed Steele January 21, 2006 Comments Off on Make your first page with First Page!

Gramps: I’ve been around the net a long time. I remember when way back in 1995 I would code HTML in notepad on Windows 95 while walking through a snowstorm uphill both ways. Now, over ten… years… later…

Sonny: Ten years? Nobody was alive then!

Gramps: Oh yes, back when we didn’t have DNS servers, we had huge host files and Yahoo was the new catalog of where things were online. And like I was saying we used notepad and spent days coding a website made up of a few pages, an image or two and a handfull of links.

Sonny: Really gramps? These days I use First Page from Evrsoft. They just came out with their 2006 version. It lets me make pages in a snap and it’s able to do WYSIWYG and that old lame HTML coding too. The cool thing is I can use it at home and at work for free!

Gramps: Wizzy-who? Oh you mean Front Page. Bah! I’d never use that it’s not a very good…

Sonny: No no no Gramps, not Front Page, FIRST PAGE!

Gramps: Well lemme see that thing… wow! I should have made my first page with First Page! What the kids think of these days. Next thing you know they’ll be using the internet instead of the telephone!

Sonny: Uh Gramps, let me introduce you to Skype. 🙂

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