Space…. the final frontier

Ed Steele December 23, 2005 Comments Off on Space…. the final frontier

skyscout_210x162.jpgEver look up to the sky and wonder, are we alone? What are all those stars up there? Is Scotty ever going to beam me up?… oh, maybe that last one is just me. If you ever wanted to get a hands-on course in stargazing, this is the tool to use. The SkyScout from Celestron is a new gadget to show-and-tell you all about the stars in the sky. It uses a combination of GPS and other positional sensors and a database of over 6,000 objects to accurately tell you what you see through its viewfinder. The device has textual and audio data on many of the objects in the database. I always loved visiting the planetarium as a kid, with the SkyScout, the planetarium comes home with you! Includes software, USB connectivity, and SD slot expandability so that the fun is virtually endless. Even though no price is set, I’m putting one of these on my wish list and you can see it at CES in Las Vegas if you are able to make it.

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