REVIEW: Slappa Velocity PRO Laptop Messenger Silver

Ed Steele November 12, 2005 Comments Off on REVIEW: Slappa Velocity PRO Laptop Messenger Silver

Slappa Velocity PRO
Slappa! The name alone makes you feel like bolting down the Las Vegas Strip screaming “Come on people! Slappa my a… Velocity PRO Laptop Messenger Bag!” We’ve reviewed Slappa DVD and CD cases and found them to be of finest quality and superior workmanship. The good people at SLAPPA! (yeah) sent us their new Velocity PRO Laptop Messenger bag in silver to review, and between you and me, I am the biggest backpack freak I know. So what makes Slappa’s bag different from all the others?

What’s in the Box?

Slappa Velocity PRO
One Slappa Velocity PRO Messenger bag, made from soft neoprene and other velvety fabrics. This is the softest smoothest laptop bag you’ve ever laid your hands on, and each pocket is lined with the same soft material. (This means that your portable gear won’t get as scratched while in tow in this bag.)

What’s Good About It?

Slappa Velocity PRO
For starters, there are lots of pockets. The outer shell zips open to reveal one large compartment, which is handy for stowing goodies you need to access quickly. The zipper pulls are large, rubberized plastic circles embossed with the Slappa logo. Everything about this bag screams quality. I’ve been using the review sample Slappa sent us for about a month now to transport my work laptop every day, and it still looks as good as new. This bag is highly dirt-resistant and cleans very easily. The handle is large and comfortable, and made from the same rugged study material as the zipper pulls.

Many, Many Roomy Pockets

Slappa Velocity PRO
The second compartment on the Velocity PRO is for accessories, keys, etc. I keep my Sony noise-cancelling headphones in the pocket shown above, and my wireless mouse and USB gadgets in the other pockets. There is another big pocket on the backside of the outer shell for your goodies.

Insert Laptop Here

Slappa Velocity PRO
The largest compartment on this bag is where you store your laptop, and there is plenty of room for your AC cables and other accessories here too. The laptop compartment has a flap with velcro so you can strap your laptop or notebook in securely.

Gimme Some Skin! SLAPPA!

Slappa Velocity PRO
Finally, on the rear we have the giant Slappa Hand, which is padded and allows for breathing room between your backside and the bag. (Without this, you would sweat big time with the bag pressed firmly against your back.) It’s too cool outside right now, but I’m excited to see if using this messenger bag will result in a giant sweat handprint on my back in the summer. (Yeah, I’m weird like that.) There is yet another compartment on the back which is useful for storing TPS Reports or magazines in.

What Could Be Improved?

Slappa Velocity PRO
The arm sling on the Velocity PRO has both velcro and a snap lock to keep it together, but the way the bag is designed it can only be worn comfortably slung across your left side. UPDATE: Slappa says “the messenger bag is actually designed to be worn so that the strap crosses diagonally across your chest. So the strap would come over your right shoulder, then diagonally across your chest and wrap around the left side of your body.” There are small compartments on either side of the bag for your cell phone or pager, but I would have liked a pocket on the sling for my phone. There is minimal padding on the bottom of the Velocity PRO, which means setting it down hard could be hazardous to your laptop’s health.

GadgetMadness Verdict: After Using It For A Month, It’s Just Right

Let me explain a little something about myself: I just checked and in my closet I have over 50 laptop bags, backpacks, briefcases, and camera bags combined. I tend to be very OCD when it comes to how I carry my gear around, and I rarely settle on just one bag. “This one’s too hard, this one’s too soft” kinda thing. The Slappa Velocity PRO is just right, and is perfect for the mobile warrior who wants something a little more stylish than the average messenger bag to carry his or her gear.
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