Air Hogs RC Zero Gravity Wall Climber

Ed Steele November 11, 2005 1

The Air Hogs RC Zero Gravity Wall Climber is a remote control car like no other. It scoots along on the ground until it hits a smooth wall, and then it climbs right up the wall. How does it accomplish Zero G then? Quite simple actually, the car itself is very very light and uses an advanced “Air Venturi system” that drives the velocity of air underneath the vehicle to create massive down-force, causing it to “suck” to the wall. The most important question in our minds is what’s the range on this new RC car? Because if you’re going to try to drive one up the side of a glass skyscraper, you wanna know at what point it’s going to fall back down. Not that we’d try that or anything. Really.
Air Hogs RC Zero Gravity Wall Climber- Black

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  1. Nate July 17, 2009 at 7:25 pm -

    Looking for a charger for air hog metro police car wall climber.