MYPCE The Ultimate Computer Set Up

Ed Steele October 31, 2005 0

MYPCE The Ultimate Computer Set Up
This has me drooling. It is the MYPCE (PCE standing for Personla Computer Enviorment) and it has to be the comfiest looking pc/chair combo I have ever seen. It supports dual monitors, an obviously comfy seat and footrest but also has 6.1 surround sound. While it is designed for power users such as programmers etc. I know you all want one to lounge around in. I think it is quite possible to live infront of your computer for days on end with one of these. Hey I could eat and sleep while in that. However it’ll run you about $2750…..base price before the monitors and pc are added. Ouch.
MYPCE- creating your own personal computing environment

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