Review: Silverlit X-UFO RC Flying Toy XUFO

Ed Steele September 27, 2005 8

Remote control planes are cool – remote control UFO’s are cooler. So when we saw the Silverlit X-UFO we knew we had to get our hands on an early model and test how well it flies. (This meant wearing special hats made of tinfoil to bombard the engineers at Silverlit with telepathic waves, but whatever it takes right?)

What’s in the Box?

Silverlit X-UFO
Still factory sealed, fresh and delicious from Hong Kong
Silverlit X-UFO
Breaking the seal: PFFFFT…khssssssssssssssssAHHHHHHzt
Silverlit X-UFO
Down to business, in the box we find:

  • X-UFO
  • Two Extra Clockwise Propellers, Two Anti-Clockwise Propellers, & 4 Rings
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • AC/DC Adapter, Automobile Adapter & Power Charger
  • Remote Control Transmitter & Antenna
  • Instruction Manual & DVD

That’s right, DVD. There is a fifteen minute DVD that explains the basic concepts of how to fly the X-UFO, and from our experience you’d better watch it first before you fly. (Seriously – not reading the directions could result in a split in the fabric of time and the creation of an alternate universe. Or you’ll crash and burn hard, take your pick.)

Flying the X-UFO

Silverlit X-UFO
The X-UFO is by far one of the most sensitive and controllable remote control devices I’ve flown, and I’ve flown a few in my time (Some right into the ocean, but that wasn’t my fault. Really.) The left stick controls the throttle by pressing it up and down, and pressing it left and right controls the yaw or rotation. Pressing the right stick up and down controls the pitch forward and backward, pressing to the left and right controls the roll.
The Pre-Flight checklist is as follows:

  • Charge the battery (100 minutes normal, 20 minutes quick charge) and connect it to the X-UFO.
  • Pull the throttle all the way down. (IMPORTANT)
  • Turn on the transmitter.
  • Set the X-UFO flat on the ground. When flying outside, make sure there is only a light breeze. (No more than Beaufort Scale 3-gentle breeze.)
  • Turn on the X-UFO with the red marked ring away from you, and wait for the lights to flash the “ready pattern.”
  • Slowly press up on the throttle, and watch the skies!

Hovering in the Air

Silverlit X-UFO
The X-UFO uses an electro-mechanical gyroscope to maintain balance and stability during flight. The X-UFO gyroscope can be reset by pressing up and down on the throttle quickly (while on the ground.)
Silverlit X-UFO
The range on the X-UFO is 100 meters, which means you can fly this bad boy far enough to buzz the remote control hobbyists at your local hobby RC plane field from a safe distance. (Not that we recommend you try that…those people sure can curse!)

Obligatory “Blurry Photograph” UFO Picture

Silverlit X-UFO
The battery on the X-UFO lasts about 4-5 minutes, which is five minutes of pure remote control bliss. Extra batteries will be a must. Also, a mysterious “base station” accessory is listed in the instruction manual…
Our test flights finished, I packed up the pre-release X-UFO and pressed the side of my teleporter watch. We all sadly waved goodbye as the teleporter pane leapt up from the ground and pulled the X-UFO back to Hong Kong. We’re holding back on our full review and video demonstration until we receive the final product. That’s right, this will be the first GadgetMadness review to leave you with a cliffhanger. Does the X-UFO really fly 300 feet? What happens if you crash? Do the engineers at Silverlit really have telekinetic powers? These questions and many more to be answered in our follow up review. In the meantime, watch the shelves at your local toy and hobby stores. The final version of the X-UFO will be hitting retail in limited quantity very soon.

(Special thanks to WHOdack for shooting pics, video, and general tomfoolery. Even more thanks to Silverlit for letting us try their new toy first.)

To Be Continued….

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  1. John January 14, 2008 at 5:19 pm -

    I’m surprised to see a positive review of “this bad boy”. Bad is right. Flimsy (styrofoam), couldn’t get it to fly more than 4″ off the floor, and ran out of batter after twenty SECONDS not minutes. Avoid this and get something that isn’t going to fall apart the first time you fly it.

  2. Jeff July 17, 2008 at 9:15 pm -

    I had the same problem. The craft wouldnt come off the ground more than an inch or two. Wouldn’t even work as a portable fan as it only worked for 2 minutes on a charge.

  3. Mark October 15, 2008 at 5:44 pm -

    I agree, this craft is very difficult to get off the ground, but we do have a solution. Buy an old 6-8amp power supply and connect it to the craft with at least 20-25 feet of wire. You can train with it this way until one get proficient then connect the battery pack and have at it. Try it…….

  4. F. C. Lee March 10, 2009 at 3:16 am -


  5. John July 5, 2009 at 2:51 am -

    Walgreens carries Duracell AAA battteries that are rated at 850 and 1000 MA. Solder ten of these together with the old connector and you will greatly extend flight time.

  6. John July 5, 2009 at 6:04 am -

    Add to the above—Get the NIMH so they will be compatible with the charger. Also, be sure all that you buy have the same MAH rating. I found the last ten I bought were some 900MA and others were 1000MAH. All need to be one or the other. Plus they are expensive.

  7. Angel December 16, 2009 at 6:09 pm -

    i buy my Silverlit X-UFO RC Flying Toy XUFO and don even get 3′ from the ground the battery also don’t less nothing 4 second i think is the most it also don’t have any stability i been trying so many time and is always the same thing what a joke 🙁

  8. ken January 7, 2011 at 5:54 pm -

    I have had one of these for about 5 years now. I do NOT use the charger that came with it. I use a computer charger and I get about 15 minutes. The extra xharge I get into the battery makes a differance on how this thing flies. A full charge battery pack makes it a little more stable. I have had allot of fun with this!!