Wave Skateboard = Almost a Hoverboard

Ed Steele September 26, 2005 Comments Off on Wave Skateboard = Almost a Hoverboard

Keep in check that it’s the 21st century – do we have flying cars? Nope. JetPacks? Nope. Hoverboards? Well almost – the Wave Skateboard is a skateboard on two wheels, which in action “looks” like a hoverboard. The rider uses a “move yer hips” swaying motion for propulsion which means that after you kick off your feet never have to touch the ground. Two wheels also means 360 degree turns in tight places – SWEET. Now all that’s needed is for some clever quantum physicist to turn those wheels into little balls of quasar antigravity, and we’ll be all set. (*crosses fingers*)
Wave Skateboard “Pseudo” Hoverboard | Amazon.com

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