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Ed Steele September 25, 2005 1

TokyoFlash Watch
I’ve always been a sucker for cool watches. I probably own close to a hundred different watches; everything from an original “12 Monkeys” movie watch to a Seiko 2K Databank watch that came with a removable keyboard. (That Seiko helped me though many a history exam – better learning with technology!) So when TokyoFlash announced their top secret watches, codenamed “Equalizer” and asked us if we’d be willing to review one for them, I naturally jerked out of my caffeine-induced state of being and took notice. It took TokyoFlash nearly a full year of research & development and 9 re-designs to get this watch just right – so did they?

What’s in the Box?

TokyoFlash Watch
One “tightly wrapped in cellophane” High Frequency Equalizer watch, and instruction sheet. When I say wrapped in cellophane, I mean every inch of this bad boy was covered in protective soft plastic to prevent a single scratch on any part of its pretty gleaming surface. (It’s awesome attention to detail like this that makes me feel joy inside.)

What’s Good About It?

TokyoFlash Watch
Rather than immediately go into detail about how unbelievably freakin’ cool this watch is, I encourage you to watch the video below:

(Click here or on the image above to see the High Frequency Equalizer in action!)

Sweet action! The display on the High Frequency uses an advanced LCD with only 1 LED to illuminate the entire watch using new technology. (This also means that power consumption is very low.) It is really something else to see in person, and has attracted quite a few stares and looks when I check the time in public. (“Is that a WATCH?”)
Enough about the display, what about the quality of contruction, the watch body and band? The High Frequency has a good weight to it – it doesn’t look or feel cheap in any way. The watch face and band have a reflective surface (we chose the black to review, however silver is also available as an option.) The clasp is a simple two button release clasp that holds the band together tighly and yet is easy to get on and off quickly. I’ve been wearing mine for quite some time now and the finish looks just as good as the day I received it with no scratches. It is also actually very easy to read the time (or date) on this watch. If you notice in the video, the display shows all the bars rising and falling then leaves two bars on the screen for a few seconds. The grid on the watch is cleverly designed: one bar lands in an AM/PM zone with numbers, and the other bar lands in a minutes grid. It’s very easy to read with one bar representing the hour and the other bar representing minutes before they both drop off the screen. It is also possible to press the button again to halt the graphics display and quickly show the time.
TokyoFlash Watch

What Could Be Improved?

As you could see in the video and photos the display on the High Frequency is amazingly bright. Just keep in mind that in very bright daylight, it is slightly hard to read the display – not impossible, but hard. (This is a minor drawback for an otherwise amazing and unique timepiece.)

GadgetMadness Verdict: Turn Heads (Including Your Own) With This Unique, Quality Timepiece From TokyoFlash

TokyoFlash Watch
There’s some female pop star (Avril Lavigne maybe?) who sings about wanting to be “anything but ordinary.” If you like quality, one-of-a-kind timepieces that look like they were created by a stylishly mad genius from a tangental universe, then this watch is for you. There is literally nothing else like this watch out there. More importantly, the High Frequency is a well-designed watch made from quality materials that holds up under normal wear, and will make you look like a million credits (or whatever currency they are using in the alternate universe this watch came from.)

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Summary of Features:

  • Displays the time and Date
  • AM/PM
  • English and Japanese Instructions
  • Water Resistant
  • Mirrored Numbers
  • Using Advanced Technology
  • Was re-engineered 9 times until perfected
  • Only sold at
  • Two Year Extended Warranty. Only through Tokyoflash!

Image Gallery: TokyoFlash High Frequency Watch by Equalizer
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  1. Jens March 16, 2008 at 11:13 am -

    Great review – this watch is still for sale at some websites.