The N55 Rocket

Ed Steele August 30, 2005 Comments Off on The N55 Rocket

Now I’m not someone who protests stuff, but if I was, I definitely would get me one of these. The N55 Rocket was created to be used for “protesting against large concentrations of power”. However, I’m sure we could find a better use than that. The rocket is powered by polyethylene and laughing gas and can reach a maximum altitude of 5200 m. The rocket is capable of carrying a payload of material such as papers (or anything else up to 2 kg) to be dispersed from high altitudes. The rocket has a parachute for safe return and reusability. But best of all, there is a manual for building one of your own. You know you want one.
N55 Manual
Via WeMakeMoneyNotArt

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