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Ed Steele August 30, 2005 Comments Off on JustLightThat trio of products Review

JustLightThat Abduction Keychain
Are you a pyro? I am. I love anything that lights up. That’s why I was pleased to see that one of my first items to review was a trio of products from JustLightThat. Anything with Light in the name has to be good for a pyro, right? The above picture shows the smallest item in the set but probably the one I’d be most inclined to purchase myself. The “Abduction” keychain also comes as a dog tag style with chain from the JustLightThat website. For me, I like it hanging on my belt loop so having the key chain style was just fine. Read on for more on this and the other gadgets in the trio.

What’s in the box?

JustLightThat Trio
The box I got came with 3, count ’em 3 prizes inside. There is a watch, a keychain and some groovy sunglasses. Pretty straight forward. And yes, batteries are included. The batteries should last a good long time too as these devices use something called glowtronix technology to light up. As far as I can see it’s some sort of electroluminescent coating or plastic. The Sunglasses use something different. A “wire” for lack of a better term made of something called Lytec which makes for an en-light-ened experience.

What’s good about it?

They glow! They blink! Besides that, the watch keeps time and the hands are glow in the dark. Seriously, they are great at parties, bars, or just making your friends eyes bug out of their heads. The animations on the watch and keychain made some people I talked to think they’d be really fun when you are 3 sheets to the wind. Kind of like a drug trip. But that’s what makes them so much fun! You can be sober and get entranced by the glowing and blinking. Maybe there’s a hypnotherapist who uses these. “When I say ‘glowtronix’ I want you to bark like a dog” Hey, it could happen. Below I have some short Windows Media clips for you to get a better idea how they look and function. You must be using IE to see the embedded video but links to the WMV files are provided for your convenience. Simply click the links below to watch a clip.

Click here in IE to watch:Glasses Watch Keychain
If you can’t see the video, here are links to them:Glasses Watch Keychain

  • The glasses have a timed strobe mode and regular 2 settings, strobe and steady.
  • The watch has a timed mode and a motion sensor mode.
  • The keychain has a timed mode and a regular on mode.

What does all this mean? It means that you can demo the coolness with the timed mode and when you’re serious about being flashy, you can switch on the real effects. Great for parties or just hanging out being goofy.

What could be improved?

Sunglasses Batteries
The glasses would be better if they had a smaller battery pack. I went to put these on the first time and thought the battery pack was a bit klunky but not too bad. I joked that it looked like a black iPod Shuffle and that I could probably get away telling people that this was a new prototype for the iGlasses with iPod Shuffle attachment. With Apple, anything’s possible right? Seriously I think if they would make the elecrtonics a bit smaller and use watch batteries or something like that, it would be an improvement. For now I’ll just jam to the music in my head… can’t you hear it?

GadgetMadness Verdict: Glowing review!

Sunglasses in the dark
Night life fun for everyone! I give these gadgets 3 glowing, blinking, flashing, thumbs up! Check out more of what they have in store at JustLightThat’s link below.
Eventually we’ll have a gallery up with more photos as well. Stay tuned.
Link to JustLightThat

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