Another New Editor

Ed Steele August 17, 2005 Comments Off on Another New Editor

Hello everyone! I’m mike also known as mike7 inside the gadgetmadness forums and have just recently joined Team Gadgetmadness as an editor. I’ve been a regular on this site for some time now and nothing makes me happier then to become part of it. As some of you may know from the forums i’m obsessed with my gadgets and am a big fan of the one and only iPod, so you can expect a few iPod related posts popping up here.
I am also a guy who spends too much money on my little electronic toys. I carry my iPod Photo 30 gb(3rd one i’ve owned) on my belt along with the Etymotic ER-6i’s (earbuds), a Fm transmitter, and a Nokia 7280 cellphone in my pockets. Thats just what i carry on me 24/7. Which by the way is an obsession for me, if I can’t feel them in my pockets i panic. (no joke) I’m also a proud owner of a PSP and somewhat outdated Pocket PC. I crave for technology and gadgets. I often spend hours surfing the web reading tech news and blogs and plan on sharing my finds here with you. I also look forward to reviewing products on this site as well.
I’m always out seeking the latest and greatest innovations and product releases. Hopefully i will be able to contribute to this site as it continues to grow better each and everyday. My hats off to Lunacy8m for letting me in on this wonderful oppurtunity. If anybody has any questions for me feel free to e-mail me at

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