Google Earth War: Go Get You Megalomania On

Ed Steele August 16, 2005 Comments Off on Google Earth War: Go Get You Megalomania On

For a few months already, the fine folks at Google Earth Hacks have been collecting some of the cool places and things that can be found with Google Earth. Not content to leave it as a look-but-don’t-touch experience, they have created Google Earth War, the first (and currently only) truly interactive game for Google Earth.
From the FAQ:

The basic idea of the game is this: You build armies to go around the world and capture cities. The cities all have a “value”, which is based on their population. The total value of all of the cities in your control is called your “total value”. The person with the highest “total value” is the one that is currently winning the game (and on top of the top players list). You can attack (and capture) cities using your armies.

The game is still very much under development, with a constant stream of suggestions flowing into the forum, where gameplay still being decided as it goes.
Registration is free. The beta is still expanding to accept new users, so if it tells you it’s full, try back in a few hours.

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