Hori PS2 Final Fantasy XI: Hori Vana’diel Clock

Ed Steele July 5, 2005 Comments Off on Hori PS2 Final Fantasy XI: Hori Vana’diel Clock

This Final Fantasy XI Clock is officially licensed by Square Enix, and for good reason. Square Enix knows just how insane anyone who would buy this clock must be: it has 4 alarms to alert you of ferry and airship departures, guild shop opening times, or recharge times of your characters special ability or recast times. What makes this so crazy, you may ask? Final Fantasy XI is a persistent virtual world in which events take place in real time, or “Vana’diel Time” as it were. People who play in these online persistent worlds take them so seriously that they befriend, marry, and on rare and extreme occasions kill other players from these online worlds in the real world.
Before any of you MMORPG’ers go all tiltowait on me, keep in mind that I’ve played Ultima Online since 1997 and know just how important some of you (us) take online persistent worlds. I draw the line, though, at an alarm clock that reminds me of when I need to return to Sosaria.
Final Fantasy XI: Hori Vana’diel Clock at EBGames
Official Hori Product Page

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