Tutorial: The Easy Way to Get Photos On Your PSP With a Sony Cybershot Camera

Ed Steele June 7, 2005 Comments Off on Tutorial: The Easy Way to Get Photos On Your PSP With a Sony Cybershot Camera

You’ve probably read the tutorials on how to get digital camera pictures transferred to your PSP. If you are like me, by the time you’ve transferred the photos from your camera to your PC, connected your PSP via USB, and then transferred the photos to the “photos” folder on your PSP, you’ve already lost interest. There is a simpler way to get photos on your PSP. This secret trick came to me while in meditation with the Gadget Fruit Goddess. You can go from camera to PSP in one easy step. Here’s how:

For this excercise, I used a Sony Cybershot DSC-U60 camera, a PSP, a Memory Stick Duo Adapter, and the Gadget Fruit Goddess.

Checking the Picture on the Camera


The Actual Photo


Memory Stick Adapter and Memory Stick Duo

The Sony Cybershot DSC-U60 is an older model 2MP camera that uses Memory Stick to store photos. The PSP uses Memory Stick Duo, so using this handy adaptor I removed the Duo card and inserted it directly into the PSP.

The PSP, Bred For Its Skills In Magic

Every wonder what that “Digital Camera” top level folder on your PSP was for? Apparently Sony has worked magic into the PSP that allows it to automatically recognize memory sticks with photos on them, and display those photos directly from the camera without connecting either your camera or PSP to your PC. Thank you, Gadget Fruit Goddess! With this epiphany, I can take digital pictures and view them on my PSP instantly!

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