PSP Essentials: Quantaray Aluminium Carrying Case & Sandisk 512MB Pro Duo Gaming Memory Card

Ed Steele April 9, 2005 Comments Off on PSP Essentials: Quantaray Aluminium Carrying Case & Sandisk 512MB Pro Duo Gaming Memory Card

Let’s face it – you spent at least $250 on your PSP. The PSP is not a toy, it’s the most high-tech piece of electronic entertainment you’ve ever owned, and you want to make sure it stays in the same condition as it was the day you bought it. So why would you carry it about in a piece of crap case designed by companies who make carrying cases for toys? You shouldn’t of course, but that’s what all of the PSP-branded cases out there are. That’s why this reviewer looked in the most unlikely place for a PSP case – the digital camera store. The case I found is nothing short of perfection: the Quantaray Small Aluminium Case.

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What’s in the Box?

The Quantaray alumimium case, a neck strap, and the keys for the locking latches. (Yes, you can lock up your PSP and keep it from your annoying little brother.) Token bag of “DO NOT EAT” silica gel also included.

What’s Good About It?

This is an extremely well-made case used to hold digital cameras by a company that does not skimp on quality. From the metal handle to the dust-free adjustable foam, there is no better case on the market for the PSP today. If anyone from Quantaray is reading this review, I would strongly recommend you consider branding a PSP version of this case – it would sell.
About the foam – the top layer of flexible foam has perforated cuts in it so that you can pull out pieces to allow for whatever size equipment you have to carry. This makes it super easy to size and fit your PSP, UMD’s, memory cards, and headphones.
Speaking of memory cards, the other PSP essential accessory I am reviewing is the Sandisk 512MB Gaming Pro Duo Memory card. The Sandisk 1GB Gaming Pro Duo card isn’t due out until May 4th from what I hear, so I gave up on waiting and bought two Sandisk 512MB Gaming Pro Duo cards and love them. They come with their own little plastic carrying holder, and work great! (I’ve got one for movies, and the other I use for music, photos, and game saves.)

What Could Be Improved?

The carrying strap material could be a little thicker, although this is just a personal preference. Also, if you make a mistake when puling out the perforated foam, there is no going back. It would be nice if an extra foam sheet was included. These are very minor complaints though.

GadgetMadness Verdict: Perfection

You want the very best case for your PSP that money can buy? The Quantaray is it, and at $29.99 it won’t break your bank either. The 512MB Sandisk Pro Duo card is also a much needed accessory – many of you will want to hold out for a 1GB, and that’s fine too. If you are impatient like me though, you’ll pick up a few 512MB cards and then pick up a 2GB or 4GB once they become available.

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