All-Weather LCD TV

Ed Steele April 4, 2005 Comments Off on All-Weather LCD TV

The SunBrite 2010 is a super-bright all-weather LCD tv that supposedly stands up to any kind of weather and conditions. They even have a video of the unit getting doused with water while it is on. The 2010 Pro is twice as bright and comes with a standard internal heater with thermostat to keep it from freezing solid during the winter.
It’s only available in 20″ 4:3 and will set you back $2,195 and $2,895 for the standard and Pro models respectively, but if you really can’t get away from your soaps long enough to take a shower, it could be worth it. I imagine that it is a lot safer than the Laser Tag electric shocking tanks in the shower, though. That could be ugly.

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