Star Wars: Medicom Kubrick Lego Max Rebo Band

Ed Steele March 16, 2005 Comments Off on Star Wars: Medicom Kubrick Lego Max Rebo Band

medicom_kubrick_max_rebo_ba.jpgYou remember the famous Rodian musician Doda Bodonawieedo right? No? Well young jedi, we know you must remember the Max Rebo Band employed by Jabba the Hut in “Return of the Jedi.” Medicom Kubrick of Japan (the makers of Legos cooler than Legos) sure remembers them, and has created the limited edition MAX REBO BAND Lego-like set. Only 2005 of this limited set were made, so may the Force be with you on eBay.
Medicom Kubrick STAR WARS MAX REBO BAND set

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