Laser Tag With A Bite: Shocking Guns

Ed Steele March 16, 2005 Comments Off on Laser Tag With A Bite: Shocking Guns

shocking_gun.jpgSome diabolical (we love you) sadist out there has taken the technology found in gag “shock pens” and “shocking roulette” and worked it in with Laser Tag. The result: Shocking Guns, with two intensity levels of electric shock. When your opponent successfull fires and hits your sensor, you receive a painful jolt that lets you know you’ve been hit.
If that wasn’t bad enough, have a look at the warning label:

Keep out of reach of children.
Emits an electrical shock.
May interfere with electrical devices such as pace makers.
Do not use if you suffer from epilepsy or any other related illness.
Not for use by pregnant women.
Not suitable for use by people under the age of 18

We want a set of these, bad, so we can test and video the effects of the sting factor these guns deliver!
Shocking Guns at

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