Megazooka – Airzooka’s Angry Big Brother

Ed Steele February 18, 2005 2

mega_zooka.jpg You may remember the Airzooka Air Blaster which sends a surprisingly strong vortex blast of air 20 feet across the room. We bet you didn’t know that Airzooka has an older brother: Megazooka! Megazooka features a new trigger action allowing you to surprise your victims silently (something hard to manage with Airzooka). Uses no batteries or electricity, and never runs out of ammo. About 17 inches x 15 inches by 11 inches of pure office mayhem assembled. (We haven’t tested this item yet, but we suspect that Megazooka’s bigger blast chamber would launch a much stronger volley of air.)
Megazooka at

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  1. Gizmodo February 18, 2005 at 1:40 pm -


    Megazooka! The name sings. A little over a foot tall and wide, Megazooka(!) shoots a strong vortex of air over twenty feet across a room. Using no batteries or electricity and coming equipped with a sight on top, you are…