Revenge of the Furby (II)

Ed Steele February 2, 2005 Comments Off on Revenge of the Furby (II)

Oh dear lord say it ain’t so – the original Furby made his debut in the fall of ’98, and people went plain berserk over them – yours truly included. Struck with “Furby Fever” I personally remember waiting in long lines just to get my hands on one. When I got it home, I realized how annoying the thing was – it sat there, jabbered in “Furbish” and would not shut up no matter what you did to it. Hasbro has decided to release an “updated” Furby (creatively named “Furby (II)” we think) that will be released this fall. The newer version has been in development for a year and can speak in six languages, has better “Emoto-Tronics” to detect how it’s being played with, and can simulate breathing and gasping. Set to launch this year for $39.99 on the unsuspecting masses. Heaven help us all.
CNN Money: Fortune 500 | Furby is back!

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