Review: Slappa Hardbody Digital Product (CD & DVD) Storage Cases

Ed Steele September 7, 2004 2

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If I had every copy of every CD I’d ever purchased, I’d have at least 6 copies of Yello’s One Second and 12 copies of U2’s The Joshua Tree, and countless other duplicates. Why have I purchased so many copies of the same CD you may ask? The answer is quite simple: most CD cases are poorly made pieces of complete crap, CD destroying alien symbiotes that eat discs as part of their insidious pact with the RIAA to make humans buy more CD’s! I feel that I can say this with some authority (the most cases being lousy part) as I’ve owned CD & DVD cases made by many companies: Case Logic, Body Glove, LaserLine, CDProjects, and Discgear to name just a few. It’s quite possible I am the only OCD case shopper out there that spends two hours in Best Buy checking storage cases for durability, non-scratchability of discs, and ease of disc retrieval from liners. I get my new (alien-infested RIAA approved) storage case home, my beloved CD’s loaded inside, only to drop my new media case and all the discs spray out on the floor from the inside at the same time popping off the cheap buttons holding them in. (Damn, why didn’t I notice that in the store?!)
So when Slappa contacted us to review their “High Quality Disc and Media Storage” cases, I had already compiled my long list of things to find wrong with their case designs. I was well prepared to be discouraged by either design, quality, construction, or features. How surprised and happy was I when I realized Slappas are high quality, well-designed cases made by case-obsessed gadget monkeys like me!

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Slappa Super Storage Specs

* Moulded DURO SHOCK Outer Body
* Patented Double Pockets! Seperate outer pockets with a clear plastic window for storing disc covers
* Soft & roomy disc pockets that won’t scratch
* Solid stiched construction
* 120 day warranty (starts two weeks after shipment date)
* Dust free cleaning cloth included
* Soft fabric cloth slipcover to protect your case
* Disc ID spine window on case spine
* Industrial strength zipper
* Velvet lined interiors

What’s in the Box?

We were sent the HardBody CD case in Camel, Hardbody DVD and HardBody Pro Black Wave Z-suede cases to review. The HardBody CD holds 20 discs + 20 covers, or 40 discs. The Hardbody DVD can store 20 DVD + 20 covers, and the HardBody Pro can store 120 discs + 120 covers or a whopping 240 discs!

What’s Good About It?

The attention of detail that went into the design, construction, and usability of these cases really blows my mind. The smooth plastic case covers are actually STITCHED in (not glued.) The zippers really are high quality, “not going to snag or stick easily” industrial grade zippers. The baby soft case pockets will never scratch your disc, and yet hold the discs in snugly. A small plastic insert on the spine of each case allows for quick identification of what’s inside. We received a soft case cover for each case, which is a really nice touch: if you throw your digital storage case in the slip cover you can keep it totally dust and dirt free. Included in each case is a soft CD cleaning cloth, and two labels for the Disc ID spine.

As you can see in the image above, each DVD is clearly visible right above the insert case. The DVD cover has its own plastic insert, and the DVD slides into a seperate soft protective cloth pocket.

What’s Bad About It?

You’re probably wondering how expensive these “gorgeousness and gorgeosity made flesh” cases are, right? Well Slappa my ass, the HardBody Pro 240 (with sturdy carrying handle shown above) disc case is only $49.99! The DVD case is only $23.99, and the HardBody CD that holds 40 CD is only $15.99! Why the heck can’t everyone buy these cases right now in retail? Maybe that’s why the prices are so good – the CD and DVD cases we were sent to review are the best cases of their kind we’ve ever laid our gadget filthy hands on. They feel soft, sturdy, and solid. If you baby your CD’s, value your DVD investment, or are sick of alien pod cases eating your digital media (and your brain!) then get yourself over to and have a look at their cases!

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UPDATED: Slappa is running a Back-to-School promotion: spend over $50 and get a free Wallmatz, spend over $100 and get a free 40 HardBody CD Case, and spend over $200 and they will throw in a free 20/20 HardBody DVD, 40 HardBody CD Case, and a Wallmatz! w00t!!!

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  1. phil September 7, 2004 at 7:43 am -

    I had a friend who purchased their new 360 case it doth truly rock! I’ve since ordered a few of the DVD cases which work great. Can’t wait to see if they release an iPod case i have been holding off on buying one because I have not found one I really like so I am curious if this guys will come through again.

  2. birq September 8, 2004 at 4:09 am -

    w00t indeed, my friend. Not to mention that cases and bags and containers of all sort make you happy as a little girl.