GBA SP Wireless Adaptor works with Classic NES Games

Ed Steele June 15, 2004 1

The GBA wireless adaptor uses a proprietary Motorola bluetooth’ish protocol running at 2.4GHz to allow up to 5 players to connect from up to 10 feet. This great Game Boy accessory won’t be out here in the US until later this fall, but you can pre-order one now from Lik-Sang right now – they’re shipping out on July 15th.
For Club Nintendo members only: the special edition Famicom Wireless Adaptor, which is modeled like the Famicom GBA SP. Fork over 400 points for this one. (Note to self: join Club Nintendo)
Why would you want to buy a wireless adaptor for your GBA now? That’s easy, Spunky! IGN has discovered that the GBA Classic games just released in the US have wireless multiplayer support already built in, and heaven’s to Betsy they work with imported wireless adaptors. Let the wireless rumpus start!

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  1. Jose Carlos January 4, 2008 at 11:01 pm -

    Pregunta the adaptor wireless can be used for the games of pokemon