nYko Digi-Cam SP: Son of WormCam

Ed Steele May 29, 2004 1

You may remember our review of the nYko WormCam, a camera accessory for the Game Boy Advance. Even for only 10 bucks in the bargain bin, the WormCam was no bargain. Well, nYco’s done it again, this time releasing the nYko Digi-Cam SP for the Game Boy Advance SP. This “Son of WormCam” holds 20 images, has a built-in sun filter, a spycam mode with motion detection, connects to your PC via a 9-pin serial….wait a minute. This all sounds familiar, right? As best as we can tell, the Digi-Cam SP is just the WormCam repackaged in a new design. Rest assured we’ll be reviewing this camera gadget as soon as it joins its predecessor in the bargain bins.
nYko Digi-Cam SP at GameStop.com

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