Sun To Help Fill The Low-End Void

Ed Steele March 31, 2004 1

According to this eWeek article, Sun Microsystems has entered into an agreement with Wal Mart to sell computers preloaded with Sun’s Java Desktop System to compete directly with Windows. Sun claims that JDS is the first viable Windows replacement. While it’s a dubious claim, it’s still good to see someone else going at the low-end market like Lindows has been doing. It might be worth the US$298 to give the 1.6GHz Duron system in the article a shot. If nothing else, if the JDS sucks and the other stats (RAM, HDD, etc) are decent, it’s a relatively cheap box on which you can reinstall your favorite distro.

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  1. degustibus April 1, 2004 at 1:08 am -

    It looks like the license is a subscription — one year. Does that mean it selfdestructs in a year?
    Well, reading on it’s just another Linux distro.