Alien 25th Anniversary Ultimate Collection (Japan)

Ed Steele March 7, 2004 Comments Off on Alien 25th Anniversary Ultimate Collection (Japan)

The Japanese special packaging for the Alien 25th Anniversary Ultimate Collection, known as the Alien Quadrilogy in the United States. Sadly, Fox has stated they have no plans for releasing this here. (For those not in the know: the Alien Quadrilogy spans nine DVD’s, and contains all four Alien films, including cut-scenes, alternate versions, and “making of” footage.) Fox’s decision not to release this special version in the U.S. doesn’t surprise me too much, since Fox seems to have a penchant for killing great sci-fi series like “Space, Above & Beyond” and “Firefly.” They have no clue how to produce for or market to fans of this genre (like myself.) Besides, noone would ever buy something like THIS in the States, now would they? I guess that explains why all the importers I checked on are sold out of this incredibly hot item.
Alien : 25th Anniversary Ultimate Collection [sold out at]

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