New Marvel Card Game: VS. System

Ed Steele March 5, 2004 Comments Off on New Marvel Card Game: VS. System

Upper Deck Entertainment is releasing a new card game based on the various comic book universes. (multiverse?) The first set, called Marvel Origins, contains familiar characters and places from the Marvel setting. The next set will supposedly be based on the DC setting.

The card list has not been fully revealed, but for a glimpse of exclusive preview cards, and the latest game rules, check out this article on
“Today’s preview article spotlights Banshee, Sean Cassidy. Banshee, in the comics, possesses a sonic scream which can shatter objects, hypnotize people, or render them unconscious. He also creates sonic waves with his superhuman vocal cords which allow him to fly. Yes, he’s basically a guy who screams… like a little girl. But let’s put that aside for now….”

Full article

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