Radica/Impulse GBA Jukebox (aka Kemco GBA Music Recorder MP3)

Ed Steele November 24, 2003 4

Looks like the only officially Nintendo-sanctioned MP3 player for the GBA (made by Kemco) made it to the US. Lik-Sang originally had these, but the daunting Japanese menus kept me from buying one. Now I can sing kareoke at the mall in English, by myself! (If you are wondering if I really will, just ask Birq.)

Here’s a good review of the device.

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  1. Darksidehearts August 27, 2008 at 6:47 am -

    Ah I remember this one, truly a great product. This player was way better than songpro and the best thing was that you didn’t even need to have it hooked up to the GBA to enjoy it. In fact there was very little you had to have the GBA for with this, so this was a perfect MP3 player for just about anyone not just GBA users.
    One feature I was impressed by was that you could with the GBA hook up an audio to audio cable and record live music to the actual device. So if you didn’t have computer acces in order to get your musin on to it you could just use that. It was fun to share music back and forth that way, I loved to do that with my friends in High School.
    I do miss this thing, you see I had it for a long time but somehow within traveling I lost it someplace either at home or somewhere else, which was a shame as the Compact Flash Card was a 1Gig, which cost a lot back then.
    Well I use my PSP, Wii, and Dreamcast for my music fix now a days so I’m not out of options. However I do miss this product and chances are if I find it again I’ll buy it. Also this was heavily affordable really, I had got it at Walmart for about $60. I suppose you can get it for less now a days, which is a good thing.
    Oh and the one I had was Enlgish menu’s and all. But it did have the option to switch to Japanese if you wanted to.

  2. Victor March 17, 2010 at 4:49 am -

    Hey Darksidehearts ,
    I came across a place here in Mishawaka,Indiana that sells them for $25.00 plus tax. They’re new factory sealed. I bought 1 and they have 4 left! If interested let me know.

  3. Milo Tsukroff March 29, 2010 at 9:44 pm -

    Hey Victor – I got one at a local store (local to me in Poughkeepsie) – I’m interested in buying a couple more – let me know how I can get 2 more. — Milo —

  4. Taku January 5, 2011 at 3:27 pm -

    Hey there, I got this item off some store’s clearance sale, and was wondering if anyone knows why no matter what batteries i put in them no matter brand new or old it keeps asking me to change the batteries of the device…